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Clio Multitasking Hair Conditioner 150 ml

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To prevent hair loss

The main active ingredients are compounds that serve complementary functions:

  • Oleanolic Acid made from olive tree leaves
  • Apigenin – a flavonoid made of citrus fruits
  • Vitaminized active carrier of vitamin H (Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1)

This unique composition of active substances prevents hair loss, strengthens hair bulbs and enhances the penetration rate of active substances into hair follicles. It ensures hair thickness and strength.

Natural betaine handles proper water management. It serves as a moisturizing agent to reduce irritation caused by substances that are active on the surface.

A natural and mild detergent made from amino acids of apple juice that cause no skin irritation or dryness. This powerful ingredient that can moisturize your hair and scalp consists of glucose derivatives. It improves the structure and luster of your hair, reduces irritation caused by substances that are active on the surface, as well as conditions and nourishes your skin.

Silk proteins help condition and nourish your hair, improve luster, exert a protective and film-formative effect, and protect your hair from damage. Panthenol has a moisturizing, protective and conditioning effect. It thickens your hair and grants it volume.

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