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MUSE Story - Gallery 3


I sometimes come by the name of inspiration. Regardless of how desperately you are seeking me, I only appear when I wish to. You need me before music concerts, while painting, writing or peeking from behind theater curtains.

You should not feel embarrassed. There is nothing wrong about it. I help you when the days are grim or the sun shines too brightly. I am here for you to provide advice, dispel your doubts, and create something out of nothing. I can help you choose accessories to match your mood. To you it may seem as I am there for you whenever you need me. But you are wrong. It is all up to me and it has been so since time immemorial.

It may also seems to you that no one knows you better. Even though you want me by your side, it is in my nature to flee time and again. Do not worry. You know I come back. And even though I know your answer, I shall always ask: “do you love me?”

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